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Our customers are always at the heart of our philosophy. With this in mind, we place our customers’ nutritional needs first and foremost when it comes to product design and production, and we also employ strict quality and aesthetic criteria for our products.

Our company has invested in modern technological equipment with the aim of continuously developing and upgrading our products and also introducing innovations. 

We also use raw materials which are certified by international quality assurance organizations, ie pure Greek blossom and pine honey, 3A quality sesame and the highest quality nuts. 

In fact, our company is HACCP Certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) for the quality of our products by a certified pan-European wich measurement, monitoring and certification organization, accredited under DIN EN ISO / IEC17025.

As a result, our products have won important awards and recognition at international exhibitions and have become very popular with consumers.

Delicious and healthy Kalamata Sesame Bars (pasteli) without preservatives, made exclusively by To Kalamatiano pasteli makers.

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